Criminal Defense

Attorney Lynn Thomas Johnson brings decades of zealous defense of the legal rights of criminal defendants. He takes seriously a criminal defendant’s right to passionate representation, from the moment charges are brought until the case is resolved.

In his decades-long history of interest in the special legal needs of members of the gay community, Johnson is familiar with the stereotypes that can complicate his defense of a client.

The defendant in a criminal case has a lot riding on his or her choice of attorney. A criminal charge is a serious matter, and could affect the defendant for months, years, or literally for a lifetime.

A criminal trial isn’t won only in the courtroom. There are filings, motions, legal research, investigation and trial preparation –- all of which happen out of the glare of the TV-news camera and outside the courtroom – and they are key to the outcome of the case. And remember, criminal cases aren’t resolved in an hour like you see on TV.

Johnson has 30 years of experience arguing cases to a judge or jury and plea-bargaining cases face-to-face with prosecutors. In every instance, his goal is to reach the best possible outcome for his clients.

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